Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lovin' This Rainy Day

Hey, it's better than snow!

The guild meeting last night was great. Between all the show-and-tell quilts and Pat Speth's trunk show I was ODing on fantastic quilts. Talk about inspiring! Pat's Nickel quilts are spectactular and I am going to make at least one of them. Jill and Judy talked me into presenting my two quilts during show and tell and I lived to tell the tale. At least my work wasn't bad enough for them to kick me out of the meeting - LOL. Look for photos on Jill's blog.

By the time I got home, it was 9 and I was ready for bed. And I can remember the days when I berated my mother for being tired and ready for bed at that hour. If she knew I said that, she'd probably get a small chuckle of revenge.

Speaking of my mom, her thyroid surgery went well, but the path report was disconcerting. Her endocrinologist said the pre-surgery needle biopsy was benign - not to worry. But the final pathology report said there was cancer, although small and encapsulated. Good thing they decided to remove the thyroid, but it makes me wonder if they should have done it years ago. Not sure what kind of follow-up care they're recommending - she should know this week. This is her second bout with cancer - she had kidney cancer 13 years ago.

Michael's dutifully going to his therapy again today. With the rain and the fact that he's tired, I thought those would be reasons enough for him to skip it. He must remember how sore he got last week after skipping a session!

Not sure how much quilting I'll accomplish tonight - Bev's cat quilt needs to be done by Saturday and the binding on Lizzie's quilt can take second place for a few nights. I'll work on the machine sewing for an hour or so tonight and then start with the binding when I watch television - Biggest Loser night.

Biggest Loser was pre-empted last Tuesday for primary election junk. I sure won't miss the political ads after today, but trust me, they will return in the fall. It's as sure as the seasons change!

Stay dry!

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Gina said...

I'm rarely up after 9.00pm aswell. Mind you I'm up between 5.00 and 6.00am every morning.

love and hugs xxx