Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pinch me - Is spring REALLY here at last?

It's bloody lovely outside this afternoon and I am itching to get out of this office and into the sunshine. Keep your fingers crossed that we've seen the last of snow and below freezing temperatures for a while.

I have finished the binding on Lizzie's quilt (YEAH!) and started the binding on mom's placemats. Really, really itching to start something new, but I looked at all the tops I have done and decided it's a crying shame I have all that work into them and they're not usable yet. I made a Flying Geese pattern quilt for our bedroom that's sandwiched and pinned. Some of the straight line sewing is done on it, but it was so frustrating because of the quilt's size that I put it aside over a year ago. I'm debating on how to proceed and am leaning toward putting it on the frame, pins and all, remove the pins as I work it, do the free-motion stuff on the frame and then complete the straight line stuff last on my regular machine. OR, I could just free motion the entire thing. Decisions, decisions......I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have finished that wedding quilt though. No more pressies planned - quilts for me and my family now!

Got the first Nickel quilt book in the mail yesterday and skipped through it rather quickly last night. I am so glad I bought it - inspired enough to get into my scrap basket and start cutting five inch squares of all of it. I'll keep doing that until I have a good supply of the squares. Shouldn't take long to obtain a collection. I've got the Stash Busters class again on Saturday (postponed from last Saturday). Looks like I'm evolving into a scrappy quilter this year.

Found a lovely free pattern on - Buckeye Beauty. I think it would look spectacular in Ohio State colours-scarlet and grey with some green and peanut butter coloured fabrics. Will dive into that after the first of April.

The mail had another surprise yesterday - a notice of a special sale at Penney's on Sunday night for associates and their families. (Thanks, Mom!) Andrea and I need to find new outfits for the wedding, so you know where to find us on Sunday night! Michael claims he doesn't need any new clothing for the event, but most of his stuff is so d-u-l-l looking.

Happy Thursday!

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Connie said...

I have been pinching myself the last couple of days too! Please let spring really be here at last! I think you will like the Nickle Quilts book--one of my bee buddies is absolutely addicted to it!