Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I won Gina's 100th post give-a-way - the fat quarters. Woo who! First time I've ever won a drawing for something quilty. Thank you, Gina, and I will let you know when they arrive, what I plan on creating with them and will post photos of the finished project(s).

Doing some exploring on the web for quilt shop sites in England and I found one in the town where we will be staying the week after Easter. I e-mailed the shop owner this afternoon and her reply sounded like she was already apologizing for the size of their store. "We're probably much smaller than you're used to," she said. I want to find patterns and or fabric that one cannot find in this country - something uniquely English, so it doesn't matter how large the store is as long as they have home-grown items. Michael even knows where this shop is located, so here I come!

One more night of hand stitching and I will be finished with Lizzy's quilt.

Here's a question for you quilty bloggers - when you make a quilt for a gift, do you have a hard time giving it away? I've worked on two quilts so far this year and I'm really experiencing remorse over losing them, especially the cat quilt. (not so much with Lizzy's quilt since it's really bright) After this, I may concentrate on creating some things for myself for a while.

The big news here in Cincinnati is that IKEA is opening a mega store tomorrow. Would you believe that folks are camping outside the store in anticipation of being one of the first customers in the store? I've been looking forward to the store opening too, but I won't sleep in a tent in freezing temperatures for that or anything else for that matter. I may not shop there until after we get back from England.

The snow from last week's storm is slowly melting! Could it be that spring is not far off? I hope, I hope, I hope.....



Jen said...

What is it with you OHIO-ians winning everything?!?!

I don't have makers remorse if it's something that I was making for someone from the get go. It's when I start making something for me and then decide to use it as a gift that there's problems!

Gina said...

If I've decided to make a quilt as a gift then I love giving them away. If I've been told to make a quilt then that's a different story. I prefer to give my quilts to people who don't expect them, rather than people who have decided they are going to get one. does that make sense?

love and hugs xxx

Bethany said...

I have a really hard time giving away quilts. I'm debating on giving away two for Christmas and it's killing me. I've worked so hard and what if they don't appreciate the work that went into it?

Quilter In Paradise said...