Monday, March 10, 2008

Thawing Out

Well, the great warm-up is under way in southwestern Ohio. The snow is starting to melt. After 18 inches of snow on Friday/Saturday, we were ready to dig out yesterday. Shoveling snow is great exercise (not!) and I was more than ready to hand off the shovel to Andrea to finish the job. End result: Got out of the driveway with no issues this morning.

The Lizzie quilt is almost done - binding is a bit more than halfway done. I also started working on the binding for mom's four chicken placemats yesterday. For some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to start anything new yesterday, which is just as well. Very pleased with the placemats and hope mom likes them too. Will try to get them done and in the mail before we leave for England on the 22nd.

I ordered the two Nickel quilt books off Amazon a few minutes ago. The more I thought about it, the more I think I'll use them a lot. Got gently used copies at more than half off the original price. I even cut some scraps up in five inch squares yesterday in anticipation of getting those patterns.

Just doesn't seem like it's less than two weeks before we leave for England. It'll be so nice just to have some time off work. Glad that I've taken two days off after we return. I suppose the more often we make that trip the smarter I get about time usage.

This morning I read an article that was in the Washington Post's magazine about a man who is caring for a wife stricken with Huntington's Disease. The poor woman relies on help from him and various caregivers for everything. I kept thinking to myself how very lucky I am with Michael. He has to use oxygen at night and can't really exert himself. We don't have it that bad. Hopefully his pulmonary fibrosis will remain stable for a long long time and we don't have to take the measures like the couple in the article. Certainly put things in perspective for me after I was upset over paying $167 for his inhaler on Friday.

Hope this is a great week for all of us.


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