Monday, March 17, 2008

Quilting Day and Wearin' o' the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! Irish or not, it's fun to wear green and act a little goofy on this day.

Trust you had a good National Quilting Day. Although I didn't get to quilt as much as I wanted this weekend - I had a Stash Buster class on Saturday and cut fabric yesterday for the next class assignment - Around the World nine patch. I think it will be much easier than February's assigned quilt. Got the handiest tool for triangles - saved me from cutting strips in a different size than the solid blocks on the quilt.

Much of the weekend was spent planning and organizing for our upcoming flight to England. We went to AAA and got some funds exchanged and loaded a travel card. Andrea and I went shopping on Sunday and purchased outfits for the wedding and a few other assorted items. I got a marvelous pair of walking shoes.

Friday night, the three of us went to Ikea after dinner, so we didn't have long to look around. But what I saw was impressive. It's a huge store. The prices are excellent and from what I could tell the quality was good as well. We picked up a few things - small jars for pins in the sewing room, ice cube trays, an umbrella and a small lamp for Andrea's desk. We'll definitely be going back many times. I was disappointed with the sofas - the designs and colours are fantastic, but they're not comfortable.

Our walk around Ikea though was upsetting in a way. Michael was having severe difficulties with breathing walking into the store. He chalked it up to the cool, damp weather, but I'm not so certain. I think his lung condition is definitely getting worse and it frightens me. I know he's not going to improve - I would settle for just stabilization. Both of us are hoping the warmer spring weather will help things out. Time will tell.

My friend Bev loved the cat quilt. We were at their house on Saturday night for a birthday party. Bev's husband, Martin, is a Brit and into model railroads like Michael. In fact, Michael and Martin met first through a model railroad forum and the four of us have been friends ever since. Martin, as usual when we get together, had too much to drink and as Bev put it "felt like shit" on Sunday! I had two beers and some lovely little amaretto drink - enough for this light-weight drinker.

Have a great week!

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