Friday, July 11, 2008

Frying on a Friday!

I really detest hot, humid weather since you can only take off a few pieces of clothing before you become indecent. Over 90 today and of course the first smog alert of the summer was issued by the city. Supposed to be even worse tomorrow which figures. That's when we'll have a house full of company.

More weeding last night. I'm not doing any more. Folks will have to just accept the fact that we don't garden like we should. I put Michael on alert that since he's not able to help out with the yard work any more that he is to 1. purchase a load of landscape rocks so I don't have to worry about some areas, 2. find a reasonably priced, small tiller for me to use and 3. (and yes, I know this is odd for this time of year) find a small snowblower. I'm just facing the fact that I'm going to have to do this stuff on my own from now on.

Shopping tonight for party foods and drinks then bake the cake for the birthday boy. I'll prepare the hot foods tomorrow early afternoon, so all that Michael will have to do is warm up the meat on the grill. I just hope that after all this, he thanks me somehow. I'm taking a "sanity break" at Stash Pot Pie class tomorrow morning. Really tempted to not go home after that. LOL......Michael goes nutso with worry whenever we have people over. Thing is, he stresses so much, takes no action himself, but tells everybody else what to do!

There are some pretty spectacular new lines of fabric coming out right now. I've been checking out the web sites for some of the manufacturers. I love fall colours so I'm really in love with Wilmington Prints' Autumn Leaves collection. Cute free pattern for those prints on their web site.

Time for lunch, kiddos. I wish you all a great, relaxed weekend. I'll have that too, just not until Sunday!

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Colleen said...

I completely agree on the hot, humid, grotesque weather. Give me winter any day; I can bundle up until I get to be the right temp. Hope the party is a blast.