Monday, July 7, 2008

Remembering Three Days of Fun

One thing about a long holiday weekend - they go by too quickly.

Managed to get a lot of sewing time in. Finished the top for the Stash Pot Pie June assignment, pieced the top for the Munchies quilt (kit purchased at the Columbus show), and put together about half of the blocks for the Thimbleberries Monthly Big Block quilt. That's in addition to tidying up the sewing room. After I finished the class assignment, I had to get some order back to that room before starting anything else. There's just something about a clean and tidy sewing room to make one want to do more!

Saturday was a fun day. Met Maddy and Jill at IHOP then went to the sale at Best Friends. There were only two items that I really needed, but I "managed" to purchase 12 more yards of fabric and a Shop Hop Passport for the upcoming hop in September. After that, I returned home, got some laundry done before we went to the Reds' game.

One thing about the Reds game wasn't so pleasant. It was a stark reminder how much Michael's lung disease has progressed. He had an extremely rough time getting to our seats (climbing the stairs). I felt so bad about that - the poor guy stayed at a lower level after going to the restroom mid-game. I was happy to hear that he enjoyed the game though. If we go again, I'll be sure to get seats in a more accommodating area, even if I have to pay more for them. I haven't been to a major league game in three years and was sorta shocked by the prices of everything - $7 for a bottle of beer, $10 for parking, etc... The whole game cost me over $100 with food, parking and the tickets. Worth it? I think so, but I doubt if going to a game becomes more than once a year thing.

Had a delightful breakfast on the patio yesterday morning - just me, Smudge and the Sunday paper. What a shame it had to get hot and humid! Poor Smudge doesn't handle the heat well and sleeps most of the day. I found his latest hiding spot in the bathroom, on the lowest towel shelf, behind the door. Spent the early afternoon in the sewing room, listening to the Reds game on radio. A few weeks ago, I sent a question in to the Reds network for their "Ask Marty" part of their broadcast - where listeners can ask the radio announcer, Marty Brenneman, anything. They read my question yesterday! Which was: Which do you prefer as a pet; a dog or a cat and why. I knew it, I knew it; Marty is a cat person! And he has a black cat named Palmer.

Well, that's the recap for the weekend. Plans? Gotta get the house tidied up for Michael's birthday bash on Saturday. So, not much sewing time this week, but there is a guild meeting tonight. Should be receiving my order from Quilt-In-A Day's fabric sale today or tomorrow. Hey, Christmas in July!!!


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jillquilts said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I can't wait until the shop hop! You and me and Maddy are going to have such a great time!!