Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a Week!

It's a darn good thing that I'm not taking the quilting challenge! I've gotten so little sewing time in this week, it's disgusting.

Not-so-dear husband's birthday is coming up and he wanted to have some friends over for a meal, drinks, etc. on Saturday. So things need to be cleaned, tidied up for our company which includes yard work. After dinner last night I was on my knees weeding our poor neglected flower beds whilst he stood there watching me! Yes, I know he has lung issues, but just don't stand there- find something you CAN DO! I've been working on the house every night this week after dinner and he's done nothing. He's also been complaining non-stop about our pets all week. Poor Daisy is scheduled to have two rotten teeth removed, so her breath is very poor and she has a skin allergy which we're treating. If he says one more word about the cat or the dog, I'm going to bop him a good one! Phew! Got that off my chest.

Poor Andrea's acne was getting worse, in fact, it looked like it was cystic, so I got her into the doctor on Monday. I was correct, it is cystic. Andrea needs to take an antibiotic and put on some special skin lotion at night. She was so stressed-out over taking a pill; complained that she'd puke it right back because of her strong gag reflex. The first night, yes it did take three tries, but she admitted last night it was getting much easier. She's so sensitive about the acne, so I had to really weigh my words and get her to agree to go to the doctor in the first place.

Then on Tuesday I spent $220 at the vet's on Ms. Daisy - annual shots, steroid shot for the skin allergy, medicines and booked her appointment for the dental work. If she doesn't have those teeth pulled, it could kill her; it's already adversely affected her health. The vet also gave us medicine for Smudge since it looks like he has the same skin issues as Daisy.

Work's been a bear this week too. Out of a staff of eight, four are out on vacation this week and we're still expected to keep the work flowing. I know this will label me as a non-team player, but I detest working on other folks' files.

So, I guess I really do need to go "hide" in my sewing room for a few hours. Trouble is, they KNOW where to find me. People are just going to have to take our house "as is" on Saturday.

OK, let's concentrate on the good stuff- the Stash Pot Pie class is this Saturday morning! I ordered a few more things from Quilt In A Day - today's the last day of their sale, folks. My first order from them was lovely, except they sent me a tote bag instead of the back pack that I ordered. They're taking care of that though. There's nothing like a stack of nice fabric to make one feel better about life, eh? And on Sunday, after the party is over, I AM GOING TO SEW!


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Jen said...

Has she ever tried the Proactiv stuff or the AcneFree stuff (that's an orange & blue box that you can get at target/walmart/walgreens)? I've used both with good success. I can't use all the steps though or my face gets too dry.