Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update and On To Bigger and Better Things

Perhaps I should change the name on my blog to the Quilting Dork? It only took me three tries to properly install backing on my frame on Sunday morning. First, I had the fabric on backwards, so the right side was facing the batting - not a good thing. Then, I realized the backing was loaded onto the roller lengthwise -(Why was there so much extra fabric at the end of the roller bar? -DUH! big DUH!) Once everything was as it should be, I got to the end of the first bobbin with no issues. Not wanting to press my luck, I stopped for the time being.

Sunday night, I started a baby quilt for a friend's first grandchild. I was on a piecing roll! I got all 12 blocks done by 9 pm. Hoping to get it all put together and the borders on tonight.

Stash Pot Pie class on Saturday morning was fun. It's always interesting to see what the other students do with the same pattern. One gal used all Halloween fabric and was that ever cute! It inspired me to see what Halloween fabric I have in my stash - not all that much. It's enough to make a cute lap quilt though.

Michael (aka the Big Git) was in rare form at his party on Saturday night. He was singing dirty Australian drinking songs by the end of the night. We had loads of food and drinks left over since a lot of people who said they were coming didn't show up. It was an enjoyable evening though. I got things done at a leisurely pace all afternoon, but my family still claims I was a "wreck". Well, who wouldn't be with the start I had? My alarm was set for 7:30, but at 6:45, Michael opens the bedroom door, lets out a big belch and starts yelling at me about the accident the cat had in the laundry room. What a nice, gentle start to the day! It was tempting not to return home after Stash Pot Pie.

A bit of GREAT news - Tattoo Boy is going back to school! He told me on Saturday night that since his father works for the university, the tuition will be at no charge. He's got until age 25 to use that benefit courtesy of his dad. (Probably, the only thing he'll ever do for that boy. I asked for help with TB's braces and was given $20!) I told TB that if he does go back to school, I'll pay for the books. He seemed grateful for that.

The kittens and mother cat that were left behind when Bumpus moved out have taken up residence on our patio. Sunday morning I sat on the patio with my coffee and had a great time watching the kittens play. My friend, Carolyn, brought over a couple of bags of dry cat food, so together we're feeding the poor things. I'd love to keep them as my outdoor kitties, but somehow I don't think the Big Git would like that. I named one Luciano after since he sings a lot. Big mouth for such a small creature! Course, I'm used to Smudge who rarely meows.

Keepin' on stitchin'!

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jillquilts said...

I'm happy to see that you survived the party!