Monday, July 21, 2008

The Next Step

I need to get a breast biopsy. There, that's out in the open now! I feel better getting that off my chest. (LOL!) After two more mammograms and an ultrasound, the team at Jewish Hospital told me there was definitely a growth in the right breast that wasn't there a year ago. It's small (1 cm) and has all the appearances of a fibroadenoma - which are benign. So, more than likely they said that's what it is, but they still want the biopsy just as a precaution. Doesn't fill me with a lot of glee, but I'll get it done. I spoke to my mom on the phone on Saturday and learned she's had a lot of these over the years, so my genetic track record of re-tracing her history continues.

On Saturday, I went to a yard sale which was advertised to have loads of sewing things. The seller must of dumped a lot of it the night before 'cause there was little for me to sift through. I did find a couple of sewing books - for 10 cents each. Not worth driving 20 minutes to get there though! One never knows what you'll find at these sales.

The rest of the weekend it was so stinking hot and humid outside, it gave me a wonderful excuse to stay indoors and sew. I used the book I purchased from Quilt in a Day - Quick Trips - and pieced a baby quilt all in pinks with a mossy green border. Have to admit I'm very pleased with that. After a trip to Hobby Lobby, I pieced another baby quilt together with Care Bears fabric I found there. When I was bored with piecing, I worked on Turquoise Geese on the frame.

The Care Bears quilt demands an explanation. A friend at work had a baby girl earlier this year. Her husband informed her when she was four months along into the pregnancy that he was in love with another woman (her best friend!) and didn't want to stay married anymore. She didn't say a word to ANY of us here at this office until she returned after maternity leave and had filed the divorce paperwork. Keep in mind that they had just bought a house and have a three year old son, too. So, she's loaded down with a lot of responsibilities and her skunk of a husband is unemployed and living with his mom. We took up a collection at work to help her out a bit, but I felt like there was something more I could do. We didn't have a shower for the baby girl, so I thought a quick quilt would be a nice thing to do. I found out from another friend that the baby's room is decorated in Care Bears, hence the Care Bear fabric which I found at Hobby Lobby. Been searching for it for a month. I feel badly for my friend; she was absolutely nutso about that man. Just shows you how quickly situations can turn sour.

Stay tuned for more updates....
Keep on stitchin'!


Michelle said...

I will be thinking of you and saying a prayer for you. Try not to worry. Thanks for letting us know.

jillquilts said...

Oh no! Keep us posted!!!

Jen said...

Oh Cathy, that's awful. I'm hoping it's nothing and they'll put a marker on it and just watch it for years to come without changes. My fingers are crossed for you.