Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Revelation in the Sewing Room

I discovered books on CDs! After dinner last night, the three of us went to the Mason library. I checked out a couple of quilting books by Jennifer Chiaverini and a book on disc - "Home" - an autobiography by Julie Andrews. Whilst piecing a baby quilt, I listened to the first of 11 discs. Ms. Andrews read her book on tape and she's lovely to listen to. Her life is so interesting! I think I'm really going to enjoy listening to books whilst sewing if they're all this good. There may not be any more "Reds on the Radio" for this gal! Well, probably not since I enjoy baseball too.

Finished the baby quilt top and will get it on the frame as soon as I get Turquoise Geese quilted. I'll work on that one a bit tonight - it's going to take a while since it's a queen-sized quilt.

Right, on to the news of the day: Yesterday was Michael's birthday so he enjoyed some phone calls from England - his ex-wife and his eldest daughter, Leah. Margaret (the ex) and I get along very well, perhaps since she lives so far away! LOL. She's a good-hearted person, just too loud at times. She drives poor Michael batty - which is one reason why they are exes. Margaret and Leah are planning a trip to visit us for two weeks in October. I'm OK with that since Leah will be here. Margaret alone is a big problem. So, I'll book some time off work once they let us know the dates. Looking forward to seeing Leah. Poor woman married young and her husband, James, is a real turkey. He sank all the family's funds into a cafe which by all accounts is barely surviving and Margaret told us yesterday that an ex-employee is suing for harassment. No surprise to me! Michael's son-in-law used to work for James as well, but James fired him two weeks after the wedding in March! The reason? Chris didn't want to move to night shift, so James fired him. Now, there could be more to the story, but it sounds typical of the man. He's a bully. At times I feel bad for my husband since his family is so far away. But with that kind of stuff going on, it's a good thing he's here. It stresses him out so.

Keep on stitchin'!


Jen said...

I love love love audio books. Jill does too. You might want to check with your library to see if they offer online downloads. In Wisconsin they started an online library consortium where if you put in your library card number; etc you can download 4 books a week. It doesn't jive with my ipod but I used to do it all the time before ipod. Not that the library isn't easy...but the whole I want it, and I want it now thing is pretty cool!!!

I listened to a lot of classics; Pride and Predijuce, Great Gatsby; etc. And, Harry Potter series is AWESOME on audio book...the narrator Jim Dale is my favorite narrator.

jillquilts said...

Yes, I LOVED the HP books on audio!! Let me know if you need author suggestions. I have a few BRitish authors that I love and their books are read by Brits. Very cool!