Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two more days to go....

...until I get a marvelous three day weekend. One additional benefit is that a lot of folks took the whole week off and the commute to work has been much easier today and yesterday.

Pieced together ten more blocks for the Stash Pot Pie quilt last night before Andrea started whining about wanting ice cream. So, I took the "whiner" and Michael to McD's for a bit of a break.

Pit stop at CVS first to pick up some spray for poison ivy. Don't ask me how or where, but I've acquired a spot of it on my left forearm. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't develop into the nasty bit I had last summer - bad enough that I needed a steroid shot from the doc.

Michael, for your information, isn't the meany I thought he was when it comes to cats. Bumpus left the house next door and also left the mamma cat and her three kittens. Nobody's around to feed the poor things, so I've been leaving dry cat chow out for them in the side yard. Michael saw me doing that two nights ago and didn't chew me out. Last night, we had a bit of shredded beef and gravy left over so he suggested mixing it with the dry cat chow and putting it out for the kittens. AWWWWWW!!!!! They gobbled it up!

The Bumpus house has been sold, by the way, and we're waiting to see what kind of folks move in.

Jill, the enabler, has suggested we meet at IHOP on Saturday morning before we dash into Best Friends for the sale. However, I should blame my mother for the IHOP visit as well since she mentioned she was going to pick blueberries today and I was reminded how much I love blueberry pancakes and it's been AGES since I've had that special treat. Can't mention ANY of this to Andrea - she loves IHOP and will want to tag along. But, do you have any idea how a 15-year-old daughter crimps one's style at a fabric sale? I can hear it now: "Do you REALLY NEED THAT?" or "You said you weren't going to buy any more fabric." Nope. This is one treat Mom is taking alone!


Connie said...

IHOP brings back major memories of college--I'd try to scrimp up enough loose change at the end of the week to go out to Sunday breakfast there--such a treat! To this day, IHOP and college are cemented together in my mind!

Michele said...

Hmmmm....I'd have to call my 12-and-a-half year old daughter an enabler - Look at this, Mom! Isn't this pretty? Don't you want to buy this? LOL - I leave her home if I need to restrain myself!