Monday, June 30, 2008

Safely Watching From A Distance....

....the Quilting Smackdown between Jill, Jen and Moneik. This competition should be interesting. Last sewing machine still upright and smoking wins! LOL!

We had the nicest weekend. First off on Friday - we went to the Cincinnati Pops concert on my company's front lawn. The weather was great too - not too warm and humid. Saturday was spent sewing, laundry, grocery shopping -typical Saturday stuff. I was in Yarns and Fabrications picking up some thread when a nasty thunderstorm went through and knocked out the power to the store. Now, let me tell you being in a LNS with no power isn't all it's cracked up to be - can't see a thing! Made my purchase the old fashioned way - wrote a check. Sunday, we took a ride on an old fashioned steam train in Lebanon and drove up to Waynesville - home of the world famous Fabric Shack. First, we had peanut butter pie though - priorities, right, Jill? Jen, I think you were at that restaurant too in April. Since Michael and Andrea were with me, my shopping time in Fabric Shack was somewhat limited. I shall return!

I have all the little rectangles sewn and ready to put into blocks for my Stash Pot Pie assignment. Putting together Flying Geese with the Quilt-In-A-Day ruler is a snap! Once Michael put some gripper pads on the ruler, it worked even better!

Got a notice from Best Friends about their firecracker sale on Saturday - up to 70 percent off their fabric (selected bolts). So, this little quilter isn't buying any more fabric until Saturday. The withdrawal pains will be fierce, but I'll get by. LOL. Was in Best Friends at lunchtime and my will power was fantastic - just bought pins and fusible batting-just like I planned. My momma would be proud!!!

Back to work, chickees. It's month end - everybody can work as much overtime as they want, ugh!

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jillquilts said...

Your priorities are definitely in the right place! :) I hope that you had enough pie for me! And I'm sure I will see you at the sale on Saturday!