Thursday, June 5, 2008

England trip

Well, I'm trying to figure out this photo posting bit on Blogger, so here goes with some photos I had on file here at the office from our trip to England in March.The one at the top is from the stag night. Michael is front row, far left - the one with the nearly empty glass. Tattoo Boy is my son.

Here's a shot of my daughter Andrea and I at the wedding reception/party

This is my Tattoo Boy and Andrea. Nicest photo I've had of them in years without them snarling at each other. (LOL)

And this is the happy couple; my husband's youngest daughter, Lizzy and her groom, Chris

Now, I know how to do this, will get photos posted of the REAL IMPORTANT STUFF - QUILTS.

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Amelia said...

As much as I enjoy looking at quilts I really like looking at the pictures of bloggers family. Seems like we get to know you better...more like a real person...not just someone out in cyber space that quilts.

Great looking family (and you)...thanks for sharing.