Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Storm, storm and more storms

Since yesterday afternoon, we've had storm after storm roll through southwestern Ohio - not your garden variety showers either - big booming thunder, lightening flashes, dark clouds and tornadoes. Michael and I got little sleep last night between the storms and the tornado sirens going off. Then to top it all off, I forgot to set the alarm last night, so I was late to work this morning. Just as well since another storm hit right about the time I normally commute to the office. Looks to be done though, finally and the sun is coming out.

No updates from SIL or brother so I expect brother dear is on the mend. I'll phone later tonight.

Looking forward to sewing the binding on the Split Decision quilt this evening. I could use a few quiet hours of hand sewing. Besides, I'm anxious to hear my friend's reaction when I give her the quilt.

Hope you've all been reading Jen's posts about her quilts from years past. Got me to thinking about my quilting past. I've been quilter for almost three years. My first effort was a wall hanging that's in our family room. Man, what a slop job that was! Really have come a long way since then. And spent a lot of money getting there, but I sure enjoy myself!

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Jen said...

That's just it, we all HAVE learned a lot from our first quilts. Some people have said I'm too harsh about mine but I'm just telling it like I see it. I learned the hard way why a 1/4 inch seam needs to be accurate, how fabrics that compete with each other don't reveal the actual pattern you're trying to make etc. I've learned a few things with every quilt.

I wanna see yours, start blogging!! We could all do a this old quilt segment! Heck, I 've got posts scheduled every day till the 2nd week in July with old quilts.