Monday, June 16, 2008

Productive Weekend

Couldn't get my butt out of bed on time Saturday morning, so I was a tad late for Stash Pot Pie. Warmly greeted by my classmates and shop owner and promptly had my "show and tell". I always learn something from this class and get a new pattern. This month, we're learning how to make Flying Geese using a special ruler from Quilt In A Day. I have no idea what to use in my stash for this one. It may be a REALLY scrappy looking thing. Found a few more black fat quarters for Andrea's Tiramisu quilt at the shop too.

I finished piecing the Split Decision-Dog edition quilt on Sunday and finished the top for a Thimbleberries sunflower table runner. So, it was a real productive day in the sewing room. Andrea was at Kings Island with her buddies and Michael worked most of the day. Gotta love those days with few interruptions!

Was interrupted in spurts though since I was "given" seven loads of laundry by Tattoo Boy. Don't mind doing that for him, especially when he told me it normally costs him $16 at the laundromat just for his things!!?? He's not real experienced at keeping things white and stainfree obviously either. Poor kid. I used to take such pride in his white Tae Kwon Do uniforms which have turned a pale shade of grey.

It's going to be a short work week - yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Tree monkeys (losing four pine trees and a bunch of tree branches) on Wednesday (no work for me!) and off on Friday. THEN - Saturday is the guild bus trip to the National Quilt show in Columbus. I have looked forward to this for so long. I took Friday off so I can catch up on all the weekend work on that day since I won't be home all day Saturday. I think Michael's concerned that I'm going to spend a small fortune - he should know better than that! It will be a large fortune! LOL. Seriously, it depends on what I find that I can't normally purchase at any of the local shops. Plus, I want to get loads of ideas, hence the plan to take the digital camera.

The big news for the family is we found a Wii game system on Friday. It's a factory re-built model, but it saved us about $40 as opposed to waiting for who-know-how-long for a brand new one. Now, I'll have to find the Wii Fit game, which is what I had in mind for myself. The games are fun with it and at least gets you up and moving.

Sad news from up north - Mom's husband's cancer has probably returned. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Ken's a good man.

Later, gators......

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