Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help with unusual situation

A friend of mine has an unusual sewing dilemma. Her mother died several years ago and most of the belongings were divided, except the six mink coats. My friend's sister is being a real b_tch about the whole thing. They've discussed dividing the coats equally, but some of the coats are worth more than the others. Gail the b_tch (that's what my friend calls her "dear" sister) would insist on having the more expensive items. This sister has already taken advantage of my friend with the jewelry and other items from the mom. The best alternative my friend could come up with is to take all the coats apart and distribute the pieces equally amongst the sisters. Do you have any experience (or know of anybody who does) with taking apart fur coats? Any suggestions? From what I know, the coats are all beautifully lined and well constructed.

Aren't families wonderful to each other?


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