Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day and Catching Up With the Family

This morning the DJ on my favorite radio station mentioned his father passed away in 1990. Same year as my Daddy. Then I got to thinking about how much I miss my Daddy, even seventeen years after losing him. He was a good and kind man who knew how to have fun and install a good work ethic, set of values with his children.

Several weeks before the accident, Daddy told me that he was proud of my brother and me. We were good kids, never got into drugs, alcohol (well, at least he didn't know of that!) or crime and never gave him and Mom much to worry about. He wanted to make sure we knew that. I didn't say much at the time, but the memories of that conversation mean so much to me now. So when I have a crappy day or feel like the worries of life are weighing me down, I remember Daddy was proud of me - and that's all that matters. I only hope I'm half the role model to my children that he was to me.

Tattoo Boy had a bit of rough week. Day before yesterday the police were at our door with TB's driver's license. "He's not in any trouble, is he?" I asked. Oh, no - we just found his Tae Kwon Do bag and his wallet tossed on somebody's lawn, the officer replied. Phew! I told him where TB lived and worked and the officer would get those items to him. Andrea and I went to Tae Kwon Do class last night since we knew TB would be there. Apparently, somebody broke into his car and took that stuff, tossed the stuff they didn't want somewhere else. The only thing missing was a pair of boots. And do you know what he was worried about? Losing his second-degree black belt and having to explain it to Master Kim! And his knee is getting better - our doctor said it was just a contusion.

The reason Andrea and I were out last evening was on the great Wii hunt. I promised her a Wii system if her grades were good this past semester. She did it! Now I can't find the dang thing and the stores we stopped at last night said to phone them everyday since they don't know when their Nintendo shipments are supposed to arrive.

Next week, we're having six very ugly, very dead, and very big pine trees cut down on our property. So, I get to take another day off work. (Fake tears, here folks!)

Did manage to sew six blocks for the Split Decision- Dog Edition quilt last night. I love that pattern; it's so easy.

Weekend? Hey, it is Friday the 13th!!!!!! Stash Pot Pie class tomorrow, shopping for Father's Day and very little else. I'm going to purchase a birdfeeder with a squirrel proof ring on it for Michael as Andrea and TB's gift to him. Should be fun to watch that!

Have a good one!

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