Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where can you get good service?

I have absolutely HAD IT with the tree service firm (aka Tree monkeys) we hired. They were three hours late yesterday, finished half the job, said they're be back at 8 this morning. It's 1:30 and they have not shown. I phoned at 11:45 and they said they were on their way. Yeah, right! We paid half their fee yesterday and said once they finished they could have the other half. From what I hear, a lot of contractors operate in this fashion. How does one stay in business with that kind of work ethic? The head tree monkey tried to tell us the quote didn't cover all four trees, when it was clearly written down on the estimate. We won that battle, but may have lost the war since they haven't arrived to take care of the last two trees.

So, I'm already stressed about leaving my daughter at home with the tree monkeys. I reach the office and find my desk buried and my boss upset about a phone call he received from one of my brokers. I wanted to run away - this has not been a good day. I imagine if I had taken more time off work, I would have been livid by this point.

Thank goodness for Diane, who whisked me away from the office for lunch! Feeling much better now.

The weather is gorgeous here this week. How do I justify working on my quilts when it's so lovely outside and there's so much work that needs to be done outside? Perhaps I should take out my anger on the weeds. And if the tree monkeys happen to get a squirt or two of RoundUp by mistake, so be it. LOL


Amelia said...

Service like this makes you wonder how they stay in business.

Hopefully all will work out the way you want.

Gina said...

Go for it. I would be livid aswell. Are they part of a organisation that you can complain to.

love and hugs xxx