Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Shoppin' We Will Go!

Never one to turn down a decent sale, I'm headed to Joann's at lunchtime today. All their rotary cutters/blades are half-off and one can never have too many replacement blades. Their quilting books are 40 percent off too. Plus, I have a ten percent off the entire purchase coupon.

I finished the main piecing on the Stash Pot Pie project for June and will look for some decent border fabric at Joann's. Nothing in my stash really "spoke" to me - didn't really mesh with the quilt. Curious about something - do you all know it when fabric goes well together, like an "A HA" moment? There have been times when I didn't get that "A HA" feeling and those projects are my least favorites.

We're supposed to go to our local park for fireworks tonight, but the weather looks kinda "iffy" - stormy, rainy. Tomorrow's just a bum around the house day. Saturday morning is booked with breakfast at IHOP with Jill and Maddy then shopping at the Best Friends' sale.

Saturday night should be interesting. We have tickets to the Reds' game. Michael "HATES" baseball. He calls all baseball players overpaid, lazy, fat-assed wussies. (Remember, he's a Brit and their use of words tends to be more colourful.) I'm making him go to the game because it's a night game and one can never be too careful in downtown Cincinnati at night. Told him to take a book and read during the game. Andrea and I will thoroughly enjoy being at a major league game. Besides, it's T-shirt night! (The REAL reason for booking the game! LOL)

Three days off work - glorious! And I hope to get a lot of sewing done.


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