Friday, January 22, 2010

Furnace Wars

We've had a technician from a reputable heating firm out to our house three times since last Saturday and the doofus can't figure out why the furnace won't heat up at times. It's kind of like the thing's possessed - it'll fire up and keep the house warm as toast but then whammo - the fan runs and runs, no heat comes on and it gets colder and colder in the house - usually at night. It was 55 in the house this morning - no wonder I didn't want to leave my flannel-lined bed! Well, I've phoned a manufacturer's rep for our furnace and she's on the phone with dear, sweet (cough, cough) Michael at the moment. Let's take bets on who gets the most irritated. LOL

For those who are uninitiated with Mr. Michael - let me tell you this - the man is c-h-e-a-p and he fires all contractors who don't live up to his lofty goals. This crap with the furnace and other household chores irritate him since when he was healthy he took care of it all and quite nicely too. Now, he chews on and spits out contractors. He fired the company who was refinishing our wood floors mid-way through the project last spring and didn't pay them a cent for their efforts.

Life with Mr. Michael is never dull. We received an e-mail from Michael's eldest daughter, Leah, this morning. Apparently Michael's dad is going through some tough times - his wife is very ill. Leah asked Michael to phone his dad and he's refusing to do so claiming the man is a miserable jerk and he's not going to open any communication with him just because his wife (not Michael's mum) is poorly. When the term dysfunctional family was being defined, they had the Howe family in mind. Sure makes me grateful for my family and how we care for each other.

On a more pleasant note, I got a thank you card from my old boss in the mail yesterday. He said he and his wife are searching for a quilt rack or display case to properly show off the quilt! We also got a thank you card at the office from him - thanking everyone who signed the quilt. Sounds like he liked the quilt, eh?

One of my co-workers asked me to quilt a small baby quilt she pieced and I got that on the frame and quilted last night. I should finish the binding this weekend.

No plans for the weekend other than work to keep the house warm. Perhaps Miss Andrea and I should lug some firewood into the house tonight.


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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Wish you lived closer since I own a Heating and Cooling Company! Sorry I don't make service calls that far away. One glad you don't have a guy who just wants you to replace the entire furnace. It is a good sign that he's not pushing you do that. It's the first sign of a "not so above board" company. Hope he gets it up and running soon.