Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF and Odd 'N Ends

It's always easier to get out of bed on Fridays. Even little Miss Daisy found it easier to get going - probably because we're having a "heat wave" of 40 degree weather. And despite a half-hearted plea from Andrea to trade places with Smudge for the day, she went to school after I told her if said trade happened she'd have to use the litterbox and hack up hairballs whilst Smudge ruined her GPA in math and English.

My sister-in-law has managed to find all but one of her friends in Haiti. One friend has lost a child, all have lost their homes. The horrors those people are facing are truly unimaginable. Please keep them in your prayers.

Got in fifteen minutes of sewing before leaving the house for work this morning. The hard part is stopping.

In a few minutes I'm driving to Seams Sew Easy and paying for a quilting class to be held next month. It's the same quilting class by Julie Lambert that I missed in late October when I had my surgery. Only SSE is far, far closer to the house than the shop in Dayton. Things worked out well in that area.

Michael has behaved himself the last few days. I think he realized how much he irritated the gals in Chez Howe. He's been sending me e-mails asking how my day is going, calling me cute little English names (Fair Maid, Little Sausage, etc.) AND he's been doing a few easy housework tasks. Instead of avoiding chores all together, he's discovered he can do stuff, all-be-it at a slower pace and still be OK as long as he doesn't have to bend over. Perhaps there's "hope" for him yet. At least until the next time he gets angry with his situation...........In the meantime, we're doing OK. Just don't trip on his oxygen tubes stretched all through the house.