Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three Down!

The fact that I completed three blocks for the Snowball quilt last night is utterly fantastic! Considering I left the office late, went shopping at Krogers, cooked dinner, ate dinner, read e-mails and started a load of laundry before I sat down to sew - I'm well pleased. Finishing six each month is going to be easy. Once the fabric's cut - it sews together quickly.

At the moment, I have a wall hanging on the frame, two baby quilts ready to go on the frame, the beginning stages of the Snowball quilt sewn together with tons of squares lined up for said project, the Nickel quilts Shoo-Fly pattern is open on the work table and plans are being made for the purchase of some Civil War reproduction fabric for one of Judy Martin's log cabin quilts. I think that's more than enough to keep me occupied in the sewing room for the winter.

Unfortunately, I won't get much sewing done this weekend, especially on Saturday. I have an appointment to donate blood, the furnace guy is going to perform an exorcism on our heating unit/thermostat, and my mother and her husband are arriving for a short over-night visit. I fully intend on watching the football games (Go Vikings!) on Sunday. One good thing - I have Monday off! Meeting Linda for breakfast and then on to Quilt Bug to fondle the fabric.

Andrea may be joining us for the foray into Indiana. Any excuse to get her out of the house and away from Michael is a good thing for her these days. (She's still not talking much to him, which is understandable since the man has yet to deliver on his promised apology.) I also like having her show any interest in fabric/quilting. It's like handing down a legacy my grandmother shared with me so many years ago. Perhaps someday she'll want to sew. For now, I'm happy she helps me pick out patterns and colors.

P.S. Before I get "smacked" for the "Go Vikings! comment, let me explain. My new boss is from St. Olaf, MN and is a dyed-in-the-wool Vikings fan. My life will be SO much easier if they win. Plus, my Steelers aren't in the mix this year - a rare event. I need to find SOME TEAM to watch. Well, OK I like the Colts too, right Jennifer?


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Way to go on the Snowballs! It's the easiest, no pressure project I've ever seen. Have a good weekend....

Linda and Piwacket said...

What a happy post! It will be terrific to have Andrea join us. Sounds like you and I will be shopping for the same kinds of fabrics. We can have a More Nickel Quilts Shoo Fly quilt-along as well! See you soon.

Jennifer said...

I was kinda wondering about the Packers comment...GO COLTS!!!

Moneik said...

Yeah on getting so many snowballs done. You're doing great. I think I'm being pulled in to this one now.