Tuesday, January 19, 2010

THAT Kind of Weekend!

Short, even though it was a three-day deal. Probably because I was on the move or busy much of the time.

Mom and her husband stopped for an brief over-night visit on their way to Memphis. So, Saturday was spent cleaning, getting dinner ready and driving Mom to Ikea. We spent a couple of hours wandering all over that store - Mom had never been there and was amazed with the variety of merchandise and the prices. We both made a few purchases- always see something we need at that store. Then, it was on to home for a dinner I made from recipes found in "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" - enchiladas and home-made salsa. Also had an apple cake that's always a hit.

After Mom and Ken left Sunday morning I went to church and Joann Fabrics - yet another sale on Debbie Mumm fabric. Picked out some really cute cat fabric and kitcheny stuff from that line, a couple skeins of yarn and a few odds and ends. Back home to sew - finally got some sewing done - quilting finished on a new wall hanging for the breakfast nook and pieced a few snowballs. Did a quick tidy-up on the sewing room too.

I promised Andrea we'd go to the outlet mall on Sunday afternoon. Despite the rainy weather, we ventured forth (it's an outdoors mall) Andrea found some real bargains at Rue 21 and I picked up some future Christmas gifts at Yankee Candle.

Yesterday was a real treat for me. I met Linda at Riley's in Greenhills for breakfast. We were talking so much it's a miracle either one of us consumed our food! The Quilt Bug in Indiana was our first target - they had a grand re-opening in their new location. I bought 14 fat quarters for a good start on the fabric for my Judy Martin Log Cabin and a pattern for a candle mat. The Quilt Bug has a nice selection of Civil War reproduction fabric and has great prices on their kits. Trust me, I was tempted. Perhaps next visit.....Linda talked me into going to another quilt store - Valley Quilts in Trenton. (I talked myself into going is more like it. Our furnace at home was still not working!) I was less restrained in that store. Purchased some more fat quarters for the Log Cabin, a charm pack of MODA Valentine's Day fabric, a Layer Cake of Civil War fabric and 2 1/2 yards of backing for a baby quilt that's nearly done.

Linda mentioned her plans to relocate soon to a warmer climate near her parents. I will miss our get-togethers, but I'm certainly not losing a friend. The internet's great for keeping in touch. Not losing a friend, but gaining a vacation spot - LOL! And learning about new shops for future enabling sessions.

Aforementioned furnace was serviced on Saturday afternoon - the technician could find nothing wrong with the ignition system despite what we told him. Michael couldn't get the furnace to fire up yesterday until noon. I phoned the company about our situation and they sent another technician who found a potential problem, corrected it and warned us if that didn't do the trick, we'd need a $600 part! OUCH! The technician also advised us that part of the problem with the heat fluctuating in the house is the crappy thermostat we have. Exorcism is not an option, so it's off to Home Depot for a do-it-yourself thermostat. At least we didn't have to pay for the second house call.

Adding to the fun and frolic with major appliances was the washing machine. It works, but the noise! We should have it serviced sometime this week.

Tattoo Boy sent me a text message yesterday morning stating that he needed to talk with me. Those type of messages are usually 1. I need money, 2. My car's not working and I need money or 3. I need more art supplies for school and I need money. (You get the picture!) He and three others have found an apartment near campus. They've signed a lease and (you guessed it) he needs a little help with his share of the security deposit and first month's rent. The bank of Mom agreed with the promise to repay by early summer when his landscaping job kicks in. It'll be so much easier for him to be near campus with his crazy class schedule. Plus, I get the spare room back for our guests.

It sure feels like a Monday and I can't wait to get back home. I'm one pass on the frame away from having the quilting done on a baby quilt. Once that's done, I want to piece a couple more nine patches for the snowball quilt and start cutting fat quarters for the Log Cabin. Oh, and my "spy" (a k a Mom) in Memphis told me the bride and groom are using autumnal colors for their bedroom. I KNEW I'd like making their quilt - pattern is Jared Takes A Wife from Quiltville.



Linda and Piwacket said...

What a great, newsy post, Cathy! That's overall good news about the furnace. I love our time together too and will sorely miss my friends. But you're so right about a vacation spot. I'm going to have a guest bedroom ready at all times and an open invitation for you. I dreamt of the one quilt on the wall at The Quilt Bug last night. Oh, if only money were no object! Too bad I AM the Bank of Mom here.

Trish said...

TattooBoy sounds a lot like my UniversityGirl..... money for books, money for rent... the list goes on and on and on!