Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow and Goal Setting

One of these days I have to realize that these SOUTHERN Ohioans did not have the pleasure of living in NORTHEAST Ohio as I did. But, seriously, come on! How can a dusting to an inch of snow cause such utter chaos on the traffic in Cincinnati? Andrea's school was even postponed for two hours this morning. HUH? In order to cancel/postpone school when I was growing up, there had to be AT LEAST a foot of snow on the ground. I shudder to think what would happen around here if a snowstorm would hit like the one during my senior year in high school. Schools closed for a week then in Massillon. Here, they'd shut for a month, no store would have any milk, toilet paper or bread, and the National Guard would be activated.

Now that I have that out of my system and my new boss has forgiven me for being late this morning, I'll go on to another topic. My company has created a new fitness policy that if you walk XX number of steps over the course of the year, they will reward you with VISA gift cards and other goodies. Great incentive and it fits in nicely with my fitness goals for the new year. The catch is you have to purchase a programmable pedometer. Money motivates, so I'll soon have the price of that pedometer, plus more in my pocketbook! Then it struck me, why not have a secondary goal of walking in a 5 K event this year. The next Race for the Cure event in Cincinnati is September 25 - plenty of time to get fit and ready! Sounds like an excellent goal for me!

All was not a total loss this morning, however. I used the extra time at home waiting for Andrea's bus sewing a few blocks for Jackson's baby quilt.



Jamie said...

LOL!!!! I know what you mean about the people around here and how they get when it snows. I have lived in Hamilton all my life. The people here go off the deep end when it snows. Remember the bad snowstorm that hit us 6-7 years ago(18-28 inches of snow)?? The whole dang city more or less shut down!!!!

I'm just glad we have 4-wheel drive lol.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I live in Michigan. Used to live in Tennesse. Oh the panic if they even heard there was a snow flake. Thanks for the memory! Take care!

Jennifer said...

Good luck on the walking. I think it is the easiest excercise there is and hope that you'll find someone to walk with to make the time go even faster!

NLP Way said...

So many times we make our resolutions with the intention of giving up a negative pattern of behavior that we no longer want to live with, but however strong our intention, by the end of January we have reverted back to the same behavior pattern, and given up on our resolution.

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