Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to work on anything in the sewing room at present. For one thing, it's colder in that room since I keep the door shut much of the time to keep Smudge from terrorizing the stash. (i.e. sleeping on the fabric and getting black cat hairs all over it.) Darling husband bought a space heater for me and that helps if I remember to turn it on about an hour before I need to be in there.

Then again, perhaps it's because I don't have any project that is truly pressing at the moment. I finished the piecing on baby Jackson's quilt yesterday - on to the frame perhaps tonight. An acquaintance at work gave me a baby flimsy to quilt for her too.

I got the Judy Martin log cabin book in the mail on Saturday and I've read a few pages of the book. Not sure which pattern to set to first - they're all so fascinating. And I can see now I probably will need a design wall of sorts eventually.

Whatever the cause of my lack of sewing room production, I know it's influenced by the winter doldrums. The holidays are over - not much planned in fun activities. Andrea and Michael aren't speaking to each other - teenager sensitivity added to bull-headed Englishman - DON'T EVEN GO THERE. Tattoo Boy had his birthday party in the garage on Friday - I am still recovering from that. (I just wonder how MUCH beer was consumed vs spilled during the pong competition!) Poor Daisy huddles under any quilt or afghan she can find. Smudge? He discovered last night that one can lay in front of the fireplace and be quite cozy.

I managed to get most of the holiday decor packed and stored in the shed for another year - always a task I dread. The house looks so bare!

Perhaps I should get into the sewing frame of mind and get a couple of new wall-hangings done for the family room and kitchen? That's the ticket!

We (me, Andrea and Michael) went to see "Avatar" on Saturday night. It took Michael a while to recover his breathing after his brief time outside. He thoroughly enjoyed that film in 3-D, so it made all the lung trauma worth it for him. The film was entertaining and probably the most unique cinematic work I've seen in a long time. No wonder it's still number one at the box office.

I'll post more later. Hoping to get some sewing done tonight!


Linda and Piwacket said...
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Linda and Piwacket said...

With all the stuff on your plate compounded with the weather, no wonder you're a bit down. You're allowed to have those moments! Now, here's a remedy...Regina and I are embarking on a virtual sewing project together and we'd both love to have you join us. And don't forget that you, Jill and I are having breakfast together next Monday, then you and I head to The Quilt Bug! You can help me pick out fabrics for two different quilts. I think that doing things with friends will help. Because we'll carry you when you don't have the energy to walk.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yep! Jump in and join us with our little project! It will be fun and I'd love to have you included! I mean...really...why not? Might help with the winter time blues! I get them let's fight the fight together! Whatcha think?