Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching Up With My Priorities

Five days since my last post....I am dreadfully behind on blogging.

Let's catch you up:

Saturday: Jill and I went on the bus trip to NQA in Columbus with our guild. We had a fantastic time shopping, looking at the award winning quilts and having lunch with Jennifer and her mum. I purchased some fantastic patterns, very little fabric, two pieces of cute jewelry, a couple of new tools and a rag rug kit. Unfortunately, the batteries in my camera decided to die, so I didn't get many shots at the show. Note to self: must download the photos which ARE available.

Sunday: After church I took Miss Andrea to Penney's for some clothes shopping. She made out like a bandit. Me? I got a new pair of sandals and two new polo shirts. Made a baked rice pudding for Michael as a Father's Day treat and his favorite meatloaf for dinner. The three of us then watched "Mamma Mia" - Michael's Father's Day gift from Miss Andrea and Tattoo Boy.

Monday: Spent the majority of the day at Christ Hospital being poked and prodded. Seriously, the D&C went well enough, but my doctor said there was so much scar tissue she couldn't tell for sure what is causing my difficulties. Next on tap - a hysterectomy. Stay tuned..... Michael was a good boy until he'd been there for four hours. The griping started in earnest when his meal at Wendy's wasn't what he expected. I was told everything was taking too long, what's the hold up, etc......Worst hospital experience ever, he claimed. Well, I replied they took excellent care of me, and after all isn't that what REALLY matters. He calmed down after I said that. My sister-in-law brought dinner to us at the house - a lovely chicken casserole and muffins. I was so grateful!

Tuesday: Picked up Jerry the Juki from the repair shop. Once I can grab Tattoo Boy for more than a minute, I'll have Jerry back on his perch on the frame. Yes, it was bobbin tension creating my issues. I managed to get all 70 of the autograph blocks done for my boss' retirement quilt and started the 135 nine patches that will go into the project. My energy expired about 3, so then I took a nap.

Today: Back at the office. Still kind of in a fog, but I managed a work out this morning - I've missed those the last four days. We're supposed to have lunch at Olive Garden, which cancels my plans to dash over to Seams So Easy. I need to pick up some more Thimbleberries charm packs for the Lakeside patterns. They had them last time I was there and at a great price too. I thought it would be good to include more of these into the quilt for my boss.

Michael news: He has an appointment this Friday for additional pulmonary testing and an echocardiogram. His new pulmonologist thinks Michael has pulmonary hypertension and needs the echo to confirm it. I had to do some serious convincing to get Michael to even agree to get the tests done. In his estimation, why find out what else is wrong if the lung disease is killing him anyways? Dr. Dortin mentioned there are drugs available that can ease the pulmonary hypertension and possibly help him breathe better. Lung transplant is not an option since Michael is too old for the list. The best hope we were offered was a possible spot in on-going trials at the university. Meanwhile, Michael has reduced his work to three days a week.

My mother started her radiation treatment this week and has a complete body scan scheduled for Friday. Please keep her in your prayers.

Tattoo Boy and Miss Andrea went to the midnight showing of "Transformers Two" I'm anxious to hear how much they enjoyed that. I've scheduled a day off next month so I can take Miss Andrea to the midnight premier of the Harry Potter movie. That should be fun.

Well, that's about as concise as I can make things in my world at the moment. My quilting keeps me focused, my work-outs help with the stress and I have my quilting bloggy buddies for support. I'm a fortunate gal.

Have a good Wednesday!


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animal lover, quilt lover said...

Thanks for all the up dates Cathy...I will keep you and your family in my prayers! I enjoy your blog very much. Keep blogging!