Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need Help From Da Peeps!

During retreat, several of you had quilt squares circulating for signatures. (I signed several of them). My boss is retiring and I thought it would be nice to present him with a signature quilt. My question is: what kind of pen is best used for this? I have until March to finish this, but I'd like to collect signatures from associates all over the country, so it'll take some coordination in addition to the sewing and quilting.

On a different note: Andrea passed her speech class! Not only passed it, but got a solid C! I don't know who is more relieved - her or me!

I should have my UFO list updated and ready to post in a day or so. Still finding stuff.....

Last night wasn't REAL productive - managed to squeeze in two passes on the frame and finish the Sew To Win block for next month's guild meeting. I'm thinking about signing up for the next Stash Pot Pie session at Best Friends. Perhaps that will help me get back into the groove. Not really motivated at the mo.



Moneik said...

I use an IDenti Pen which I found at one of the quilt/sewing stores.

Jen said...

The key is something waterproof. Sharpies bleed through the fivers quickly and blur the writing so they are out. Personally I like the fine tip Micron pens. Zig pens (used mostly for scrapbooking) are good choices too. However, they have a thick and thin end so I typically tape the thick end closed because otherwise you get crazy looking siggy squares back. Also, unless you paper piece and leave the paper attached you might want to iron freezer paper on the signature area to make it easier to sign.

Another thing...people are idiots. You are better off making blocks that have some kind of something sewn around them so that you don't have to worry about peoples signatures being hidden in the seam allowance. Ask me how know (non quilters just don't get it even if you are right there to explain.
One of my quilt shop coworkers just did a siggy quilt that included pictures and used a Blue Underground. Designs pattern called In and Out. It worked well. I have it if you are interested.

QuiltingB29 said...

Stash Pot Pie is cool! I hope you come - I love seeing whatever one comes up with :-). And of course, there's food :-D