Friday, June 26, 2009

Thimbleberries Bargain

One of the new quilt stores in the area has a shelf in the back of their store for fabric marked down 60 percent. I happened to drop by on my lunch hour yesterday and found bargains too good to pass on from the Lakeside/Lodge line. I got seven yards of Thimbleberries fabric for $14! They're going to be incorporated into the retirement/autograph quilt for my boss since he's retiring to a lakeside cabin in Indiana. What good luck!

Phone call this morning from my gyn. The pathology report from Monday's D&C was benign, but she still thinks it would be prudent to perform the hysterectomy. I return for a follow-up on the 15th and we'll schedule it then.

I'm leaving work early to take Michael to Jewish Hospital for his pulmonary function tests and echocardiogram. He's still moaning that this is all a waste of time/ money. His philosophy is why find out if there is something else wrong. Why is it some people have this ignorance is bliss philosophy? My ex was the same way - he thought that if you ignore something long enough it will go away. I suppose I've always been one to tackle things head on, hence the conflict.

We're going to attempt to qualify Michael for social security disability. I contacted our congressional office a week ago to see if there was a way we could qualify him for ss despite him only having 24 credit hours earned in this country. (40 is the required minimum) Apparently, our congressman's aide discovered the US has an agreement with England that enables the US to accept hours earned in England in the calculations! We have an appointment on July 13 to start the process. Obtaining the appointment alone, was frustrating - they hung up on me once and it took nearly half an hour on the phone to get the appointment booked. Michael, of course, thinks this is a waste of time (familiar theme here!) I have a huge list of supporting documents to gather up in advance of the appointment, so it's a good thing that we see Dr. Dortin on the 8th. That'll help with the medical part.

Not much planned for the weekend - hair appointment tomorrow, the Sharonville quilt show, perhaps a movie. No complaints on that score - I like my weekends to be open with no firm plans. Get to bed early tonight. My tail is dragging a bit today since a massive thunderstorm went through the area at 2 this morning. Couldn't sleep through it - it was noisy - the power did briefly go off several times. So, when it came time to rise and shine for the morning workout, I hit the button and went back to sleep for an extra hour. I think I'd be forgiven in giving up one morning workout eh?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What a deal...all that fabric! Glad to hear about the test results. Keep me posted on the surgery. I'll keep you and yours in my prayers!