Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trouble Shooting

All of a sudden last night, my sewing machine (Juki) started to give me fits. It wasn't operating smoothly any longer over the fabric and when I looked at the back side - it looked like eyelets. UGH! I changed bobbins, changed the needle, rethreaded - still the same result. I did notice the thread wasn't coming out of the bobbin case very smoothly - really had to tug at it and the bobbins for some reason weren't coming out easily - as if the casing had shrunk??!! The machine makes a clunking noise too.

Any suggestions from the peeps about what could be going on? I honestly don't have a clue since this hasn't happened with this machine before. It is due a service - I've had it for 2 and 1/2 years now and never had it in for maintenance.

Thank goodness the quilt I'm working on isn't for anybody - the thought of having to rip out all those eyelets makes me want to cry. I'll just use this quilt for picnics and tossing around the house.

Rats! I was looking forward to having it done and posting my first UFO completion.


jillquilts said...

It sounds like the bobbin tension is off. Get it in for service and don't try to mess with it yourself. As far as the quilt goes, how much of the quilting needs to be ripped? And yes, it should be ripped because if the tension isn't right on the quilting, it could fall out at any time. What a bummer though!!

Moneik said...

That happens just about every quilt when my top tension needs to be reset. I have to turn the machine off and rethread the top. Something with the thread cutter when it gets linty and needs to be cleaned. Eyelets are super easy to tear out since you can just pull out the bobbin thread.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh man! You've done exactly what I maintenance in a long time. Mine is in the shop now and I'm hoping to get her back soon. I hope your problem is as simple as mine was! Good luck!