Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilt Show and Yard Work

For those of you who are firm believers that for every fun thing in life there is a price to pay or bad time to be had, this is YOUR post.

Saturday was an absolutely marvelous day. I got up when I felt like I'd had enough sleep. Went to the gym for a workout and sauna. Then, I went to the South Lebanon quilt show. There were some beautiful quilts at the exhibit and tons of vendors all wanting to strip my checkbook bare. I bought two things - a kit that was 40 percent off (love those kinds of sales) and a heart shaped quilt holder. Met Judy and her sister at the show, so I had company for a yummy lunch - Linda joined us during her break from working the Best Friends sales room. Gals, it's incredibly nice to attend these shows and find a friend or two there! Andrea, Michael and I had pizza for dinner and watched "Doubt" after I returned from the show.

I suppose Sunday started off OK with church, but rapidly went downhill from my return. Spent a lot of time in the yard, cutting down weeds, stacking dead branches and yard waste, putting tools away from the garage and trying to avoid Michael. Michael had a burr up his butt about my "lazy" children and wouldn't stop complaining about them and their lack of efforts around the house. He was upset that he was cleaning the garage and they were not helping. I told him nobody asked him to work on the garage - he could sit on his butt in bed and watch television all day if he wanted. Andrea offered to help sweep the garage, but he turned her down! Tattoo Boy wasn't even there until after 2 in the afternoon and then he and his buddy did some heavy duty work removing trees, tilling soil, putting down landscape fabric and moving landscaping rocks on the area. He'd do more, but finals are this week and truly that's more important. I was at a real loss on how to deal with Michael's rants and accusations (he said I was nagging him although for the love of God I don't know how I was??!!) In short, I could have really used somebody to talk to about all this yesterday. Still could, I suppose and that may be the reason for this post. I'm afraid that anything I say is going to ignite him (so to speak) and I can't talk to him anymore. When we were dating and even up until now, I was so comfortable talking with him about anything and everything. It was one of his best qualities.

Managed to get some quilting done on the frame after dinner was cleaned up. By then, I was exhausted.

One of the best things about summer school break being here is that I can get up a bit early and work out at the gym before doing to the office. I did that again this morning. It's a good stress relief!

Andrea wants me to buy a new bike for her so I agreed provided there are certain jobs done around the house. She's supposed to start those chores today. She helped me tear ivy off the house yesterday - a big help. She has a couple of job applications to complete so perhaps we'll deliver them to McDonald's and Frisch's tonight.

No quilting finishes to report. I'm going to be the last one to earn a mark, I'm sure.


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Piwacket said...

I'm not teaching this week, but I'm busy today and tomorrow. How about meeting for lunch at Riley's on Weds or Thursday and you can vent to your heart's content. Love you!