Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Been Going On In My Sewing Room?


Well, not exactly. But, we did get the beds out of the room and back into storage. I moved my sewing desk, machine and boxes of projects/would be projects and recent fabric purchases back into my haven. Managed to get everything back in its proper place when I discovered our guests left their underwear hanging on my frame. EW!

No sewing. Just loads of yard work this weekend and spent entirely too much at the grocery store, but we were out of a lot of stuff. Michael, Andrea and I went to the cinema Saturday night to see "UP". Very cute movie - we saw the 3-D version since Michael is mad about that film technique. The drive home was rather harrowing since a big thunderstorm complete with tornado warnings hit our area just as we left the theatre. Good thing the movie ended when it did - stupid me left the sunroof open on the car!

Tattoo Boy helped me out tremendously yesterday. When I came home from church he was waiting for me to give him instructions on all the yard work I needed help with. There's nothing better than handing a heavy tiller to a 21-year-old son who is used to physical work! He had my veggie plot dug, fertilized and ready to plant in 15 minutes!

Now if I can keep the bunnies from eating my plants it will be a success!


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