Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flimsy Flophouse

Since a lot of my fellow bloggers are working on UFOs this summer, I decided to take stock of the sewing room closet - that's where I usually stuff the flimsies. OMG - seventeen of them! And where was I on my lunch break yesterday? Buying more bloody fabric! It's gotta be a sickness, I tell you. So last night I began working on the frame with one of the UFOs. I do not think I'll get all my flimsies completed by summer's end, but will make a valiant effort.

I honestly should be on a self-imposed exile from all fabric stores and web sites. Starting today. Of course, quilt shows are exempt from this edict. The South Lebanon show is this weekend and NQA is on the 20th. I will, scout's honor, do my best to keep the impulses to a minimum.

During my moment of weakness at lunch yesterday, I visited The Briar Patch in Fairfield. Jill, I think this shop relocated from another spot in Fairfield and may be the one you mentioned smelled like they smoked in the shop. I got a whiff of cigarettes when I walked into the store - not good. But, the owner is a sweet British lady - we chatted for a long time about England. On the way back to the office, I stopped at Seams Sew Easy - yet again!

Since Michael's family returned to England, he's been nicer to me-doing small odd jobs, thanking me for my cooking efforts, etc. Well, I found out why. His eldest daughter, Leah, raked him over the coals about how he treats me. No complaints, mind you. It's nice to have somebody stick up for me!

Andrea's done with school for the summer - her only concern is her final grade in speech class. Certainly don't want to have to repeat it. We should find out tomorrow. I took her to the library last night to get some books and CDs to keep her occupied during the early days of the break. She told me about all the movies she wants to see at the cinema this summer. My response, "well you'd better find a part time job."

Hoping to get more sleep tonight. Between the thunderstorms, wind, rain, electricity going off, and the cat pounding on the bedroom door, we got little sleep last night.

Happy Wednesday!

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QuiltingB29 said...

It is a sickness - out of sight, out of mind, let's buy more! (even if it's just out of sight only when you're not in the sewing room)