Wednesday, January 23, 2008


480 pieces! And that's just the coloured bits! For the first Stash Pot Pie quilt, that is. I may have to introduce different shades of the red and not just the brights ones since I need 240 of the little 3" squares in red. Haven't even started to slice up the greys yet.

And, why am I working on that instead of the Lizzie quilt??? I guess I'm not inspired to work on that wedding quilt. The clock's ticking........But the Pot Pie quilt top has to be finished in a few weeks. I have until mid March to finish the Lizzie quilt.

Michael's first pulmonary rehab therapy went OK, according to him. He had to use oxygen whilst he was on the machines - I think that bothered him. But, he did admit it was lot easier once he was on oxygen. The therapist stated that when he gets puffed out, he is to stop what's he's doing and recover. He does that already for the most part. He's not griping about going back to therapy either. I think it's finally sinking into him that he has to take better care of himself. The pulmonologist wants Michael to write down everything he eats. A ha! A diet plan in the works for Michael? That'll be a challenge! I've tried to get him to stop eating after 8 pm each night, and trust me - that's a struggle I'm losing. He doesn't remember hearing the therapist say not to eat within three hours of bedtime. But, I DO!

Other than that, the same ol' routine with school, work, getting up when it's dark, etc. No wonder people get so down this time of year.


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