Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm famous for the wrong reason!

When I was at the cash register at my LQS on Saturday, the clerk asked me how my finger was healing (I cut 1/4" off the tip of one finger accidentally last month with my rotary cutter). Really well, thanks for asking, I replied. A lady at the other end of the counter said, "Oh, so you're the ONE!" So, I'm now part of the quilting "lore" of southwestern Ohio. LOL

I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Saturday at Best Friends - picked up a handful of tips and more importantly, the desire to start a new project. It's too bad that shop isn't closer to my house - it takes a good 30 minutes to get there. Jill, Judy and Jeanette were already there when I arrived at 10, but fortunately Jill had saved me a spot. The class was close to being full and the shop owners created a second session in the afternoon - good thing to know just in case I run out of time one Saturday morning. The class is going to be held one Saturday each month, so at the end of the year, if I stick to the plan, I should have an amazing selection of quilts.

WI on Saturday morning was less than a success - up .6. I need to track things better and get back to basics - no more guessing and no more brownie bran things - I ate two or three of them at a time last week and I'm sure they were not zero points! I'm trying to psych myself up to work out at lunchtime as opposed to going to Joann Fabrics.

I had to make a fabric run yesterday afternoon. The black fabric I selected for Lizzie's quilt was not working - it shrank after cutting, didn't hold a shape despite starching and was throwing the whole block off. I was having fits trying to make the seams line up. Didn't want the whole quilt to be put together with such frustration, so I decided to get another piece of better quality black fabric. What a difference! I have 2/3 of the triangles done for the quilt already. Learned my lesson about buying cheap fabric. I'll keep that cheapo crap for some Halloween decor or a costume.

I was so proud of having all the fabric sorted and packed in containers. Michael, however, showed me that I still have three drawers full of fabric in his model railroad room! I forgot about those! Well, more stash to sort through - no problemo.

Speaking of Michael - he says that he's feeling better - the inhaler is helping him. He's not convinced that the diagnosis the pulmonologist gave him is accurate. He claims he's had this lung issue for more than 20 years. Well, if that's the case he should have been dead for a long time by now with the diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. Had a good long chat with my brother on the phone on Friday night. Jimmy used to be a respiratory therapist before he got into nursing - CRNA. He's going to put out some feelers and see if he can find a good pulmonologist who can give us a second opinion. My frustration was/is that we've been given this "diagnosis" and cast out to sea - so to speak. No guidance from the physician about support or answering questions. In fact, I was the one who brought up pulmonary rehab - not the doc. That's why Michael is questioning the need for it. And the snotty response I got from his office manager was intolerable - we don't know what the medication prices are. Well, excuse me, shouldn't you, especially if you're dealing with folks on a fixed budget with limited insurance????!!!

We had a fun evening with Bev and Martin in Norwood. Their house is lovely, but it's uncomfortable - no where to really sit and chat as a group. When there's six of us, the men go downstairs and the wives are upstairs. At least my home is comfortable - it may be messy, but at least it's comfy.

Despite it being Monday, my mood is infinitely better than it was on Friday. Things may not be as bleak as I thought.


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Jen said...

Oh, there's a lot of us that are famous for the wrong reasons!! But at least they know you by name now at the quilt shop!!