Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday morning random rambling thoughts

It snowed a little last night and one would think southwestern Ohio got hit with a blizzard. Now, I'm just as bad as everyone else about freaking out when it comes to driving in winter weather, but the hype over this dusting was silly. Stupid cold weather! I'm so glad I insisted that Michael keep the heat lamp in our bathroom when he remodeled it last year.

The excuses had ran out - I HAD to get back on the treadmill for a brief work-out yesterday. You know what though? I had so much more energy last night than I've had any night the last month or so.

With all that energy, I managed to finish piecing all the half-triangles for Lizzie's quilt. I'll get them pressed tonight and start cutting the fabric for the solid squares. Hoping to get some of the 96 units constructed tonight. I'd like to have that quilt pieced by the end of Saturday. Then, it's on to the Stash Pot Pie quilt for my class assignment.

Hey, the sun's out and it's looking better!



jillquilts said...

Crazy Cininnati drivers! Your experience on the treadmill gives me hope! Maybe I should just suck it up and jump on the elliptical tonight!

Jen said...

What pattern are you using for Lizzie's Quilt?