Friday, January 11, 2008


This has probably been one of the more difficult weeks in my life with Michael being diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis on Tuesday. Last night, he asked me how long he had and I didn't have the heart to tell him what I'd read on the web about it. His response was that he'd better finish some books that he's writing and I asked him if that was what was truly important to him and he said yes. For some reason, that disappointed me. I suppose if he wants to leave some legacy to his children, those books would be it. I went to the pharmacy last night to pick up one of his prescriptions - $167!!!?? That's only for 1/2 a month. And Michael's not even sure that it's helping him. I didn't tell him how much it cost, because if I had, he would have told me not to get it. We also received the paperwork in the mail for pulmonary rehab - he's balking at that already. Stupid me - when we enrolled in our health care plans at work, I chose a plan with no co-pay or assistance until we've reached a per-person deductible of 2,500. That was before Michael's diagnosis. Had I known, of course the more expensive, co-pay plan would have been elected. Why on earth should people have to worry about health care expenses in a nation that's as well off as ours? Michael will refuse help and treatment because he doesn't want it to bankrupt me. And that will mean less time with him on this earth. It's not fair.

So, as you can tell, I'm in a bitter mood today. I apologize.

Last night I ironed some fabric in anticipation of working on a quilt for Michael's youngest daughter. She's getting married at the end of March. The pattern is so confusing, I took some scraps and practiced several of the units and figured it out. It may not be exactly what the authors intended, but it will work for me. I found the pattern for a string quilt on the web yesterday and the concept really intriques me. The person who devised the pattern used old white sheets for her pattern, but I wonder if muslin will work just as well since I have a ton of that stuff.

The quilt which was shipped to Michael's oldest daughter is still languishing in customs in England. Michael's son-in-law found out that the reason the tax is due is because the parcel was insured for $300?! Number one, I didn't insure it. Number two, all the quilts were marked with a value of $100 - there were two other quilts which were sent and received with no problem. Leah and her husband have decided to pay the $70 tax to get it out, but Leah's so busy she doesn't know when she'll be able to pick it up. They own a small restaurant and her goofy husband fell and broke his leg in three places several weeks before Christmas. Thus, she gets stuck not only taking care of him, but the business and their three children. We'll see Michael's family when we fly to England at the end of March for Lizzy's wedding.

It's going to be a busy day tomorrow. First is Weight Watcher's weigh in. I can't stick around for the meeting since I have a stash busting class at a quilt shop at 10. Then, Michael and I are going out to eat with some friends. Andrea is going to a movie tomorrow night with a group of friends too. She has a birthday party tonight at a recreation facility. Tonight, I'm just looking forward to sitting around and getting the materials ready for the class.

Hope we all have a pleasant weekend.

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Jen said...

Oh Cathy. I just started reading your blog. ((hugs))