Thursday, January 17, 2008

No sewing, but a valuable lesson learned

Not a stitch last night, but I learned the hard way that there are some things it's best that Michael not know about.

We're starting to get the EOBs from our insurance company for all the tests and office visits forDecember. The lung biopsy alone was quite expensive, but I was pleased that our share of it was $679. That's a heck of a lot more manageable than $5,000! So, I reasoned that my mad dash to get all of this done in '07 before the plans changed was worth it. I shared the information with Michael and he promptly blew up! He yelled that it was not worth it, he's not getting anything else done, do you know what this would have cost in England, etc......then the topper - we could have given that money to Lizzie for a wedding present. I'm paying nearly $1,700 to fly to England for this girl's wedding, making her a quilt that's going to be valuable, not to mention the expenses we're going to incur over there and he wants to GIVE her money on top of all that????!!! AND it won't even be appreciated. OK - off the soap box. In the future, I am not sharing this sort of information with him, just deal with it on my own.

I'm really looking forward to the quilt retreat in April - sure could have used it right now!

Will blog more later tonight after Michael's first pulmonary rehab appointment.

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Jen said...

Oh what a bummer. =( I've been trying to add you to the Blog Ring, but you don't have the code on your blog (yeah it took me this long to figure that out).

I keep subscribing to your blog and Bloglines keeps not saving it. I'm sorry!! So that's why i'm commenting on your posts so late. I too am looking forward to the April Retreat, I can't wait to meet you!