Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finished the top! Now, it's back to work I go!

Despite the frigid weather, I had a very nice three days off. Very productive, I might add. I went to Jill's house for a few hours on Sunday for a "quilt-in". I brought along a new project - a freebie pattern from Thimbleberries. I managed to piece eight of the 12 star blocks in the pattern while eating and gabbing at Jill's. I knew my family was stressing about me not being home, so I left around 4 - wish I could have stayed for a few more hours. Yesterday, I picked up where I left off and finished the top by 3 in the afternoon! I'm very pleased with it. Once I figure out how to post photos, I'll make sure to get one on the blog. Michael even liked it - and that's saying something!

We made our airplane reservations for our trip to England on Saturday night. We'll be flying on March 22 and returning on the 31st. I'm taking two days off after our return home - the last two times we've been to England, I've had a horrible time for a few days after our return getting used to our time again. Now, I have to work on the Lizzie quilt in earnest - I could have done this weekend, but I wanted to work on something for myself. Selfish, eh? LOL.

Andrea and I treated ourselves to a Taco Bell lunch yesterday. (Her choice, not mine) Andrea's latest obsession is the "Sweeney Todd" movie. She convinced Michael and I to take her to see it again last night. If it wasn't for the blood and graphic throat slashings, I would have really enjoyed that film. Of course, I was familiar with the music after hearing it over and over again from Andrea's stereo ever since Christmas.

Driving to work this morning was a real treat, let me tell you. I'd sure like to know why every time it's snowed this winter, it's chosen to start snowing right before rush hour???!! Any more, I don't care - just take my time and I'll be here when I can.

Michael has his first pulmonary therapy session this afternoon. I know he's stressing out about it - he mentioned that it's going to "corpse" him. I reminded him that his therapist won't let that happen. He stated AGAIN that he's going only for me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! I wish I could go with him, but I've taken enough time off work for his medical issues. My co-workers will soon turn from sympathetic to ganging up on me.

Mom's surgery is scheduled for February 20. She's going to have a thyroidectomy and only be kept at the hospital one night. She and Ken will probably be driving down here for a short visit before then since she won't be able to travel for six weeks after the surgery. They're not driving here this coming weekend to purposely avoid Karen's Pampered Chef party. Smart move! It would be nice if I could finish the placemats for Mom before her visit. Note to self- get them done!

Keep warm!

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