Monday, January 28, 2008

Productive weekend and warmer temperatures

Despite what I predicted on Friday, the weekend was enjoyable. We had a terrific meal at Outback on Friday night with my mother and her husband. I lost 1.4 at WI on Saturday morning, so I'm back to my pre-holidays level! Mom and I bought curtains and rods for Andrea's room. (Must hide price from Michael - he was upset over them being $100. If he only knew all the materials cost $200! Thank heavens for Mom's discount or else it would have been worse.) I managed to avoid making any purchases at Karen's Pampered Chef party. Andrea and I won a couple of small prizes though. The meal at Karen and Jimmy's was interesting. Karen didn't fix nearly enough food for the meal and the meat was cold when it was served. Michael moaned about it continuously when we got home and yesterday. As if he couldn't afford to miss a meal or two!

Yesterday was a quiet day spent mostly in the sewing room putting together the strips for the Stash Pot Pie quilt. I'm very pleased with how it's coming together. I had my doubts at first, but now that I have a few blocks put together, it's looking fine. I should be able to finish it by this weekend and start working again on Lizzie's quilt.

Which is another thing that is concerning me - this wedding in England coming up. Over the weekend, Michael got an e-mail from Leah basically telling him the price she and Margaret are paying for Lizzie's wedding dress. Michael immediately went into guilt-mode and said we need to help pay for the dress, etc.....I'm not happy to hear that. For one thing, we're spending $1,700 in airfare just to get there. Wouldn't you think that was enough for anybody in that family? They obviously think we're made of money, which couldn't be further from the truth! I can't talk to him about it since he doesn't think there's a problem with it. Now, he is mentioning that he's going to list some things on his model railroad forum for sale and use the money from that to help with the wedding. That's fine, and that is his choice, but it just burns my behind that we're supporting (indirectly) some function that is going to last five minutes in a judge's office for a couple who has lived together for five years and who refuse to work to support themselves. They have part time jobs and live off the government's dole. When they do have money, they buy pet rats, rabbits and gaming crap for their computer. Why everybody else, in particular Michael, supports this is beyond me. I'm not personally paying for dime one more of anything to do with that function except a new dress for myself.

OK, I'm off my protest box now. We did get the quilt back that was held up in English customs. That'll be packed in the bags for England and if anybody asks me, it's to help keep me warm in the damp cold air!

I made an appointment with Dr. Peerless for this coming Thursday. I think my blood pressure is getting a bit too high again. It was doing OK without medication when I lost some weight, but for some reason, the diastolic number is creeping up. Here again, I should keep this from Michael. But, I told him about it and mentioned I didn't want him stressing out over it or stopping his medical treatments because of it.

Isn't it bad to keep things from one's spouse? I feel bad about it, but it is for his own good, don't you think?

Danny told me his Tae Kwon Do master wants him to teach classes at several locations for pay! Danny is ecstatic about it. I'm so very glad he got back in to Tae Kwon Do and the people who are active with that sport - they're a good influence. He said he's preparing for his temporary second degree black belt test and will tell me when that is so I can go see him test.

Well, back to the regular Monday stuff.
Hope we all have a great, quilty week!

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Gina said...

that's great about Micheal. gema does TaeKwondo aswell but she's only a yellow belt. she loves it.

I'm sorry about the wedding dress drama. Unfortunately many people in the UK think that you in the US are richer because of the exchange rate at the moment. Because, to us things over with you are cheaper then it's automatically assumed that you have more money than us.

love and hugs xxx