Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keeping my eyes on the goals,resolution update

The treadmills in the office work-out room were both occupied when I arrived for my lunch break walk yesterday. So, I got on the eliptical machine. I "lasted" ten minutes and happily got off that thing when the treadmill was open. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't sore or stiff last night or this morning. Despite my moaning about the eliptical being the evil instrument of the devil, I think I'll get back on it today. I feel like a combination of the two gave me more "bang" for my 30 minutes. Goal for 2008 - get and stay healthy through a combination of Weight Watchers' eating guidelines and exercise.

My second goal - to sew more for my family and myself. To that end, I worked on the Lizzie quilt - got all the half triangle pieces trimmed and ready to stitch to the solid squares. I thought I would have gotten more accomplished last night, but when I got home I discovered we were out of bread and low on milk and the cat had no food. By the time I shopped, prepared dinner and cleaned up, it was 7:30. The one show I watch on a weekly basis is "Biggest Loser" and that was on at 8, so I had no chance to get any sewing done. I trimmed the triangle pieces whilst watching television - something Liz Porter said she does. I'm trying to use other quilter's time saving techniques - doing something small like that whilst watching television is a good use of time. It must have taken me 30 minutes of solid snipping time to trim all those pieces last night. So, if you're reading this blog, what is YOUR favorite time-saving idea?

Ok, the one firm resolution I had for 2008 was to not purchase any fabric unless I had a specific pattern or purpose in mind. Sixteen days into the new year and I'm holding fast to my pledge. I bought a piece of black fabric for the Lizzie quilt and a piece of white for the Stash Pot Pie quilt last week, but those purchases were immune from the resolution - they had PURPOSE. Plus, they didn't cost me one bean since I used a gift card my brother gave me for Christmas.

The Valentines' Day decorations are up at the office already, which made me think about a wall hanging I made in class two years ago. It's still hanging in my sewing room closet, waiting to be quilted. Perhaps I should finish that......



jillquilts said...

Ugh, our email at work is broken!! I feel like I am waiting and can't do antyhing because of that! Or it's just an excuse!

Last night, I also got on the elliptical for 13 minutes and then cleaned in preparation for my quilting guests this weekend. While Biggest Loser was on, I dusted the family room (or most of it) and put financial papers away.

Although, when I am sewing, I can watch TV (or really listen to it) because my sewing room is the other half of my bedroom. So I can do chain piecing and cutting and pretty much anything else that needs to be done. :)

Jen said...

I didn't make any resolutions...perhaps I should have!!