Friday, January 25, 2008

A Very Cold TGIF

Well, at least it didn't snow last night, but it was bone-chilling cold here this morning. Cold enough to make me wonder if my poor car is going to start despite being in the garage all night. Yes, it did and I made it into work. (Can't use THAT excuse this time!) We got a dusting of snow on Wednesday night and Andrea's school was on a two-hour delay. I got to sleep an hour longer yesterday and nobody at work fussed about me being late. Although, I almost 100 percent certain one of my co-workers would grumble that Andrea's old enough to get herself off to school, etc.....

Absolutely, positively no cutting or sewing last night or the night before. Mom phoned and said she and Ken would like to visit us this weekend. So, the last two nights were spent doing laundry, cleaning and general tidying. Hey, that is a treadmill under all those clothes! Our guests should arrive this afternoon and have promised to treat us to dinner at Outback, one of Michael's favorite places to eat. I've already planned what I'm going to have for dinner, so I'm not breaking my points for the day on the day before WI.

Saturday should be a fun day. NOT! I suppose WI will be the most enjoyable thing about it. My SIL is having a Pampered Chef party. One would have thought that Mom was smart enough to stay far away from southwestern Ohio on the weekend that Karen is hosting one of those. But, no we're going to the sily thing. Plus, Karen is preparing dinner for all of us on Saturday night. Michael's less than enthusiastic about that, let me tell you. If he thinks my cooking is horrendous, then Karen's fare is on the par with death camp cuisine. It's usually edible, but it's "out there" - meaning it's something she learned in an exotic cooking class and we're the guinea pigs to try it. I don't mind since it affords me an opportunity to try something new which I can't get much at home thanks to Andrea and Michael. But, I have to endure Michael's caustic remarks. He's loathe to try anything new, has the same thing every time we go out to eat, and generally has this lack of respect for poor Karen. She tries real hard to impress people, usually throwing away a lot of money in the process. She's had more than one home improvement project that Michael could have done for her for pennies on the dollar, but she hired expensive contractors instead of asking Michael. And that doesn't sit well with him at all. He feels snubbed and dislikes wasting money, even if it isn't his to waste.

At least we get a night of Mom and Ken at our house and Michael does enjoy their company.

So, it won't be a typical weekend for us until Sunday. Guess I'll have to cram all my sewing into that one day.

Trying to stay warm,

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Gina said...

Malcolm's the same. It's beef or chicken and that's it. he won't even attempt to try anything different

love and hugs xxx